Sport Relief Mile

Sunday 23rd March 2014

At 8 o’clock in the morning it was very cold, slightly drizzly and not conducive to good fun and merriment.
However, with Miss O’Sullivan’s sunny positivity and her merry band of helpers the morning turned out to be a great success. 
Sport Relief Mile events were taking place on Sunday 23rd March up and down the country; I believe David Cameron even ran his local mile. Miss O’ Sullivan had organised a warm up from David Lloyd Leisure and provided a choice of distances to suit all abilities: 1, 3 or 6 miles some on the field and around the nearby roads. People ran it, walked it, hopped it, skipped it and there was such a lovely friendly family atmosphere. It was a great, fun, family morning out as our photos demonstrate.
Approximately 100 people turned up and we cheered them on as they battled their way. Mr Palmer led the six milers off on their grueling run, many of them, including Mrs Georgeson were making it look so easy! We watched in awe as Mr Palmer and Joey Prescott ran past together heads down taking it in their stride.
Miss Jackson led the three milers off on their route and on their last lap Denna Lewis from Reception (complete with wellies!) ran nonstop for the last mile and celebrated together as they received their medals. Deena then had to wait a little while for her Mum to catch up!
My thanks to Miss O’ Sullivan for her great organisation. I think she quite enjoyed the public address system and her wireless microphone as I have heard it being used during handwriting lessons this morning!
A big 'Thank You' also to those helpers who gave up their Sunday morning voluntarily to ensure the event ran smoothly:
Enrique Feria, Miss O’ Sullivan’s Mum – Yvonne, Miss O’ Sullivan’s Partner – Joe, Mr Palmer, Mr Hughes, Mr and Mrs Cragg, Miss Jackson and Miss Bradshaw,



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