3rd Project Meeting in Greece November 2018

DAY 1 Monday 5th November. 4pm – 9pm In the Community Centre. Paiania

  1. Welcome from Greek partners (with excellent traditional Greek snacks)
  2. Welcome from the project leader.
  3. Various practical ‘Getting to know you’ activities: Erasmus adjectives; personal description game – like an onion.
  4. Introductory presentation to the 1st Primary School of Peania: 360 pupils. Currently 8 refugee students. School is 8.15 – 13.15. Afternoon lessons are not mandatory. The school lacks space. Approaches to Rights Education outlined.


DAY 2 Tuesday 6th November  9am – 4pm

  1. Traditional Greek welcome at the school gates, with fruits.
  2. Welcome ceremony from the 1st School of Peainia. Various presentations with a focus on Children’s Rights.
  3. Tour of the school with presentations from each class, and again, a focus on children’s rights.
  4. Presentations about Module 3, focusing on Article 24 – 5 A Day, pupils and teachers.

a)     Spanish students talked about Trick Food, Healthy Eating Happy Faces Posters, Recipes from Romania and Greek, FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) Posters advocating Healthy Eating for the special day in October.

b)     Polish students used Prezzi for their presentation and talked about Eating Habits. All partners were presented with an International Recipe book compiled by all the partners. They made a short film about making a fruit salad, others about making pancakes, smoothies etc. These were filmed at home. They talked about the video conferences they had had with Romania and a  chat with England.

c)     Greek students had learned a song about Healthy Eating and a huge number of other activities based on the same theme were shared with partners. They had written slogans about children’s rights and put these on boats. A highlight was the video with boys showing how to make a broccoli cake.

d)     The English teachers did a powerpoint presentation. They described how Healthy Eating is a regular part of the curriculum, and how keen we are to teach children about where food comes from and to instil healthy habits from an early age. They had lessons from the Local Authority, grew their own vegetables from seed, went pumpkin picking, roasted and ate beetroot, made and ate pumpkin soup, created a healthy fridge and held a Healthy Snacks week, roasted corn on the cob in Forest School lessons, used books eg Handa’s Surprise to introduce new skills and exotic fruits.

e)     The Romanian Project Team had prepared a video which showed how teachers brought Rights into the curriculum across the kindergarten. They had also been involved in Charity work, donating fruit to those in need, as a result of the project. They had been involved in video conferences with Poland and had  held Fruit and Vegetable weeks.

f)      The Italian presentation was about how they had involved all children from 3 – 14 in Healthy Habits educational activities. 3 topics: health, food and water. The students used a variety of ICT programs in their work eg MEMEs. Younger pupils attended First Aid days whilst older pupils wrote poems about Food Waste. The students produced powerpoints about water waste and conservation, doping in sport, the Brembo River etc etc.

5. General Project Meeting (Students in classrooms)

DAY 3 Wednesday 7th November. 9am – 4pm Today the school was closed for teacher voting so all activities were held with students and teachers in other locations.

  1. Workshop on the beginnings of Democracy at the Parthenon
  2. Activities with Refugees from the Network for Children’s Rights at the Refugee Centre in Paiania. (Focus on Article 22 – You have the right to special protection and help if you are a refugee, {if you have been forced to leave your home and live in another country}, as well as all the rights in this convention. )The story of Malala, focusing on the Rights of the Child. Interpreters from the centre ensured that all children understood the story, and they participated by looking for pictures of Children’s Rights. Also a Rights game, and a physical activity.
  3. Workshop at the Vorres Museum. The focus was on Article 12- the right to have your own opinion and for adults to listen and take it seriously, and Article 29 – your education should help you to use and develop your talents and abilities. We looked at various works of art and suggested titles for them before learning the artist’s title. We then made our own pictures based on people’s suggestions.

DAY 4 Thursday 8th November 9am – 4pm

  1. Sports activities – the right to play and to develop talents and abilities
  2. Teaching activities – see separate timetable. All visitors taught lessons for 2hrs across the school
  3. Planting our Partnership Garden – all partners involved in planting an olive tree in the school grounds to symbolise our friendship and partnership
  4. European Radio – Greek students interviewed co-ordinators and visiting students and a recording was made - all partners will be advised when it is going out so all partners can listen


  1. 2nd General Project Meeting

DAY 5 Friday 9th November 8am – 1pm

  1. Focus on Article 28 – the right to a good education. ICT workshop for students and teachers – Creating a Robotic Spirograph
  2. 3rd General Project Meeting
  1. Evaluation of the Meeting
  2. Recording by ERT (Polish National Television) for a piece about our project on the news  tonight
  3. Farewell ceremony presented by students
  4. Presentation of Certificates
  5. Thanks from the Project Leader to Greece for an truly memorable and inspiring meeting!