4th Project Meeting in Spain March 2019

MEETING IN VALENCIA 11-15TH MARCH 2019 (NB For Photos of this trip please see MRMR Page in International Activities 2019 section of this website-https://www.summerhillprimary.com/website/mrmr_-_residential_visit_to_valencia/389236 )


Monday 11th March

  1. Welcome to the school: Initial meeting and introduction to the school from the Headteacher and Co-ordinator. How the school ensures that children receive their rights.
  2. Tour of the school to see how the CRC activities are carried out.
  3. Students and adults making handicrafts connected with CRC. All participants presented with a T-shirt and MRMR badge.
  4. Visit to the castle. Introduction from the Mayor of Alaquas about rights in Alaquas and guided tour focusing on the right to practice our own culture (Article 30)

Tuesday 12th March

  1. Whole school presentation about Spanish culture(30) and right to play (31) and to develop talents and abilities (29) –
  2. Project Meeting with students and teachers: Feedback about Module 4: Article 28. The right to a good education

Spain:- Dictionaries of Rights related words in different languages / Visit to Nursing home to play cards etc with residents / Save the Children v Leukemia Race – raised 813 Euros / Collecting clothes for poor in India / focus on Knowledge / focus on book – Wizard of Oz / making a jigsaw puzzle of school images

England:-  Book boxes / Developing language skills through reciting poetry / education around the world / right to an opinion, teachers listen to children / collage of school / mosaic of CRC / MP visiting school for RRS Gold Award / Welcome Bags for refugees / learning to speak Spanish

Poland:- Erasmus Reading Days / Dictionary work – words connected with CRC / Exhibitions of work / Symbol of knowledge / Healthy eating workshops / Erasmus debate / Deciding a hierarchy of rights / Art competition – symbol of knowledge / Erasmus Charity day – collection of sports equipment for a local orphanage.

Greece:- Reading favourite poems to the headteacher / CRC related dictionary work / The Education Museum – learning about Greek education in the past / jigsaw puzzles of paintings / learning about Malela Yousafzai and CRC / Open Class project – raising money for autistic children / children in multi-cultural class work on education in their homelands / symbol of knowledge / animation techniques – writing stories with stop frame animation

Italy:- Focus on how Italian school promotes CRC / creativity – making videos, mosaics and murals etc about children’s rights / recycling and the protection of the environment / importance of reading – Reading Day, visits to library, meeting an author /poetry festival in San Pellegrino / use of popplet to create posters, and use of interactive board drawing tool / comparison between different types of schools – including African street schools / historical migration from Italy to other parts of the world / visits to local factories and places of work to help older students to choose courses / Keep Calm posters / Creation of Motto: Everyone has his home, ‘But everyone’s home is his school.’ 200 students voted for a new Knowledge Logo.

Romania:- Kindergarten work – schedule is very flexible 8am-6pm. Symbol of Knowledge work with pre-schoolers 4-5yrs / visual art representations about school / Reading Day with parental involvement / schools of the world work - making a cube / jigsaw puzzle work / bazaar / learning the MRMR song

Video of Project Meeting in Greece. Reminder to send Evaluation forms to Greece by 29th March.

Evaluations from Greece – Questionnaires and results of these following mobility in November 2018

-       Students rated school and teachers very high / communication with families was good / rated the whole experience very highly -and exciting and unforgettable experience.

-       Families were very enthusiastic about the whole visit. Everyone would do it again and be involved in additional activities

-       Visiting teachers enjoyed the activities prepared -particularly the teaching in classes by foreign teachers. Also the Refugee work which increased their understanding. Involvement of school community. Teachers learnt about new ways of incorporating CRC.


  1. Costume Parade through the streets of Alaquas


Wednesday 13th March 2019

  1. Project Meeting with teachers only

1)     Discussion about the Mobility Tool – suggestion to update regularly, particularly with names of participants and the activities on the mobilities.

2)     Module 5 Activities suggested by Spain: Articles 23 and 31 (about inclusion, anti-bullying and play)

-       The Club of the Braves – agreeing a set of rules for behaviour

-       Mixed sports – where girls and boys are equal

-       The Train of Virtues – A game about being kind to people

-       Good wishes for the weekend

-       My Profile –

-       House of Cards – to teach children to recognise how lucky they are, and to recognise inequalities of opportunities

-       Colouring Emotions –

UK to share pictures of their rules which are directly connected with CRC

3)     Website Nicoleta will be sending an e-mail to ask for photos from each mobility and work in schools. Everyone should have a link to each of the partner schools on their own school website as well as on the MRMR one

4)     Greece shared the International MRMR dictionary – one copy for each country

5)     E-Twinning We can all apply for the Label – please update with information / videos / pictures

6)     Trip to England:

-       Need for information about flights and participants asap

-       Reminder that flights booked MUST allow time for a 5hr meeting on Monday and Friday

-       International Conference hosted by Liverpool University

  1. Visit to L’Alfuerza and Valencia


Thursday 14th March 2019

  1. Sports meeting for international Students and Staff – the right to play (31) and to develop talents and abilities (29)
  2. Teaching across the school. International visitors taught lessons in every year group.
  3. Project Meeting: Discussion about IMPACT of the project

a)     Welcome Bags for Refugees in England.

b)     Spain – Italian family visited Spain last year after mobility to Italy

c)     Poland – Some students are surprising the staff with the development of their personalities as a result of mobilities. International projects in school are developing as a result of MRMR.

d)     Greece – Internationalisation of the school. ALL children now aware of their rights. Links with refugees made closer and being more open with children with SEN. The general more open approach has changed.

e)     Italy – Dvg idea of what it is to be European. More children want to join mobilities eg 80 wanted to go to England. Rights in connection with the environmentRomania – Ilana – a local project inspired by Pigotta. Involved 200+ parents and teachers. They now have hundreds of dolls / materials for use in school. ECO Kindergarten – inspired by Greek school.

To do: Environmental Sustainability: Each school to think about or change something connected to sustainability. Greece to share the 5 things that they do to improve sustainability.

Friday 15th March 2019

  1. Chocolate breakfast
  2. Project Meeting:

a)     The MRMR Song – When in England we will sing 2 verses in English. For their own purposes schools will sing their song with one English verse and one in their own language

b)     Evaluation work:

Teachers completed grid to show numbers of students involved in mobilities

Teachers reminded to send the Evaluation Form about Module 4 to Greece by 28th March

Ismael to organise questionnaires etc for visit to Spain

Has anyone added any ICT programmes to the page which Iza made? – Iza to re-send the link

Greeks to organise the final questionnaire to show how far we have travelled regarding CRC in our schools.

c)     Dissemination work:

Iza to resend list of Dissemination activities with dates – everyone to complete

In England students will be sharing work through an assembly and in Governors Meeting – inviting parents to one of these

In Romania there will be a Spanish party in each class in order to disseminate the Spanish activities on return. They have a week where they can share activities with other kindergartens. Written report sent to Romanian Inspectorate, and articles for a National magazine. Will bring a summary of the CRC curriculum to England.

Poland will take children to the Polish Radio and broadcast. Pupils will share learning with other schools.

Italians will do another TV interview and write an article for the paper

Greek newsletter to Parents and rolling video in central location for all students to see

Spanish will upload pictures of Castle activity to Local website and school website

d)     Final Meeting in Warsaw arrangements

-       Conference room is arranged from 3pm on Tuesday 25th June

-       26th activities will be organised according to the flights etc.

-       Participants to let Iza know when they have booked flights and hotels etc


  1. Democratic vote by students on the Symbol of Knowledge Logo – one for Primary and one for Kindergarten. Schools to use as they wish.
  2. Fiesta of Las Fallas – La Crema Activity
  3. Presentation of the registers and certificates

Thanks and goodbyes. Many thanks to Ismael for organising a very enjoyable and worthwhile visit.