Mission Statement


At Summerhill we encourage our children to achieve their maximum potential, whilst promoting high standards of behaviour, respect, moral values and self-esteem.

                                                         Aims of the School

  •  To provide a relevant broad and balanced curriculum which promotes spiritual, moral and physical  development of each pupil and meets the needs of all children.
  •  To value, listen to and act upon the voice and views of our children.
  •  To help children develop a set of high moral values showing sensitivity to the needs of others and   responsibility for one’s actions.
  •  To provide a happy, caring and well ordered environment for every child regardless of gender,  ethnicity, cultural background or disability, built upon mutual respect.
  •  To encourage pupils to develop enquiring minds and the ability to question and argue rationally 
  •  To maintain an attractive, well-resourced environment which stimulates and supports effective  teaching.
  •  To prepare for the responsibility and experiences of life by being able to work both      independently and collaboratively in order to develop life skills for a successful future.
  • To create a school community in which children, parents, teachers and governors work together for the common good and for the provision of “Nothing But the Best” for every child at Summerhill
  •  To provide a safe environment which gives highest regard to the well-being of pupils.
  •  To ensure that pupils achieve highly and progress at a good rate in relation to their capabilities  and earlier attainment.
  •  To provide an exciting and varied programme of experiences to enrich the curriculum.
  •  To ensure that pupils understand their rights and responsibilities, that they are listened to, and  participate in the life of the community.
  •  To always employ high quality teaching and support staff with the qualifications and experience  to meet all the demands of the curriculum, utilizing them to their best effect.
  •  To ensure leadership is dedicated to ensuring the highest possible standards and achievement in  all areas of the school.
  •  To be reflective, self-critical. innovative, and to articulate a clear vision, which is influential  beyond the school.
  • To encourage Courtesy, Care, and Confidence.
  • To create an understanding of community and diversity which is enriched through the curriculum,  visits and meetings with members of local, British and the global community.