Admission Arrangements


Admissions at Summerhill 

Admissions to Primary School

Here at Summerhill Primary School we follow the Admissions Procedure set out by Sefton Council. Children are admitted in accordance with the Local Authority's policy for a single admission date. Any child reaching the age of 5 between 1st September and 31st August may be admitted full time to school on the first day of the autumn term in September after they have turned 4 years of age.

 Information on admissions to primary school is usually available from the local authority from the September prior to the child's entry to primary school.  Allocation of places will be made by the Local Authority shortly afterwards. Those refused a place due to over subscription are informed of the situation, alternative schools and their right to appeal. Admission forms are available from the Admissions Team in Sefton. Their telephone number is 0151 934 3590. Sefton School Admissions Information. 

In Year Admissions

Parents seeking places for children in older groups are welcome to look around the school. They are also required to apply for a place through the Local Authority’s admissions application form. The local authority will then decide if a place can be offered ‘in year’ This information can be obtained from the Sefton School Admissions team. In the first instance, the headteacher is happy to advise parents of the availability of places known to school.

Secondary School Admissions

Admissions to secondary school are handled by the Sefton Admissions Team. In the September of your child's last year at Primary School, parents who live within Sefton, will receive an individual letter containing a unique identifier number (UIN) for parents to use when applying online for their child's place. Information booklets about this process will also be issued at this time.

 If you live in Sefton and want to apply for a place at a school in another Local Authority, you must still apply to Sefton for that place. 

If you live outside Sefton and want to apply for a Sefton School, you must apply to your own Local Authority Admissions team for that place.