Ball Skills

We are now back from the summer holidays and started the new term.

This term Year 2 will be introduced to ball skills such as: throwing and catching. Pupils started off by using bigger balls as they are easier to catch. Also making sure they are using the correct technique for throwing (under arm) and catching the ball.

As we are just getting started, we will get in to partners and line up facing them. Then we will throw and catch with our partners with a short distance between us.

Next, if we feel this is a bit too easy for some groups, they will have the choice to take steps further away from their partner, to make it harder.

Then we will add some games, using are partners and see who can throw and catch the ball as many times as they can, in a certain amount of time. If groups drop the ball or are not using the correct technique they will be told to go back to 0 and start again.


As we get further in to the term and the pupils are finding the bigger balls easier, we will then introduce smaller balls and the technique for throwing and catching.

We will also introduce new games that include a variety of throws and catches.