Better Reading Partnership


What is Better Reading Partnership?

Better Reading Support Partners is a ‘light touch’ reading intervention for pupils in Years 1 to 6 who are reading below their chronological age.  A trained Better Reading Partner delivers a short one-to-one support programme to help them to develop independent reading and comprehension skills so that they can make faster progress and catch up with their peers. It has been developed to provide a balanced approach to developing phonic skills, comprehension and the enjoyment of reading.

Who is it for?

Better Reading Partnership raises the attainment of children who can read but who lack fluency, understanding and enjoyment and may need support with decoding skills, vocabulary and/or comprehension.  It is for children in KS1 who have fallen slightly below the level of their peers and for children in KS2 whose reading age is below their chronological age.

It helps them to:

  • decode the words on a page
  • understand what they are reading
  • read with greater pace and fluency
  • confidently access a wider range of reading material
  • develop independent reading skills
  • enjoy and develop a long-lasting enthusiasm for reading.

How does it work for the children?

A Better Reading Partner provides a 10-week programme of three 15-minute one-to-one support sessions per week for selected pupils.  Pupils read three texts in every session: a familiar text, a recently introduced text and a new text.

The Partner uses simple and effective assessments to inform the selection of a carefully structured sequence of texts that are finely tuned to the pupil’s skills and interests.  The Partner provides a relaxed environment that gives the pupil the time and space both to practise and apply their skills and to talk about their reading with an interested adult.