Year 4 will play Cricket for P.E this half term. The children will be introduced to throwing, catching, bowling, batting and fielding.

Firstly, we will start off with different types of catching and stopping the ball. For example, looking at long and short barriers of the body for stopping the ball.

Long barrier: Bending down with one of your legs bent down touching the floor pointing side ways. When the ball rolls towards you it may either be too quick, or hit a bobble in the grass and go through your hands. This is why we have our barrier behind us so it will hit our legs and stop.

Short barriers: Placing your foot side ways behind your hands when bending down to pick the ball up at a slower pace as it could still go through our hands. This is why we have our short barrier ready.

Another way of stopping the ball or getting a batter out will be by catching the ball. When catching the ball we need to remember to bring our palms and little fingers together, to make a cup shape and when the ball lands inside the cup, try to bring it in to our chest so the ball does not fall out.


Next we will introduce the different types of throwing. In Cricket we can either: Roll the ball; throw the ball over arm or under arm at different times.

Rolling the ball be would used for short sharp passing of the ball.

Throwing the ball over arm will be used for longer distance throws and under arm may also be for shorter distances.


After looking at throwing and catching, we will play a game with all of these objectives including fielding.

Each team have an area to stop the ball when the opposition try and roll the ball through the each others area. To score a point the ball has to roll past the area (goal) on the oppositions side but each team have to stop or block ball. The players can move round and the ball can be thrown to a player on your team but can only be rolled through the other team’s area.


Finally, we will introduce batting and how to hold the cricket bat. We split in to groups of four and each team has a batter, bowler, fielder and wicket keeper. One of the players will throw the ball and the batter tries to hit the ball. Everybody gets a go of being the batter and gets used to hitting the ball.


To conclude our lessons about cricket, we will have a Kwik Cricket competition.

The class splits in to two; one team bats and the other bowls and fields. Batters have 5 goes each to try and get as many runs as possible unless they get caught or bowled out. Fielders have to try and catch the batters out or get the ball back to the bowlers as quick as they can. The bowler can bowl the ball at any time while the batter is making a run. Batters have to run if they hit the ball and can make as many runs as they like. After the team has all had a go, they switch sides and at the end see who made the most runs to win.