This half term year 5 will be playing Cricket. We will start with the different types of throwing such as: rolling, under arm and over arm.


Next, we will introduce different types of stopping. First we will practice how to use the ‘Long Barrier’ to stop the ball. This means when the ball is rolling towards you, bend down with one leg pointing out side ways while the leg will be along the floor. This is helpful for fast rolling balls and when you don’t know whether the ball is swerving or not, so you have your long barrier to stop it rolling past you. Second is the ‘Short Barrier’ this is more for slower paced balls rolling towards you. Bend down slightly and place your foot side ways next to your knee. This is good because even if you think you will be able to pick the ball up easy the ball might still hit a bobble and roll up and past you. As where now familiar with the different types of throwing or rolling and being able to stop the ball we will play a game. The game is to roll the ball past and through your opponents goal. When the ball is coming towards you, your team have to stop the ball and roll it back and try and score through the goal.


Then, we will introduce batting and catching together.

Batting- making sure the face of the bat is flat and swing back then follow through the ball when swinging in to the ball. Try not to swing back and hit the wicket otherwise in the game of Kwik cricket you will be out.

Catching- with small balls you try and make a cup with your hands by having your little fingers together and when the ball lands in the cup, bring it towards your chest so it doesn’t drop out.


Finally, we will finish with a competition of Kwik Cricket. Splitting the group in to half, one team will bat and the other will field and have one bowler. Each group of players that bat will have 6 bowls each to create as many runs as possible. If the bowler bowls you out or if you get caught out you don’t carry on with the 6 bowls. After each team have batted, count the scores and see who the winner is.