E-Safety Links (helpful advice for staying safe online)

As a parent you'll probably know how important the internet is to children.  They use it to learn, play, communicate and express themselves in all types of creative ways.  This may be through sharing photos and videos, blogging, gaming or even  creating their own apps and websites.  It is a place of amazing opportunities.
The technology children use in their daily lives can be daunting to parents.  You may worry about the risks they can face online, such as bullying, contact from strangers, as well as the possibility of access to inappropriate or illegal content.  To help them safe stay online it is important that you know how your children use the internet and what you can do to help.
Within school, for children in years 3-6,  we are having a trial of a new safeguarding and antibullying tool called 'tootoot'.

Tootoot is an online anti-bullying tool for schools - allowing children to report bullying anonymously and safely, directly to school. It is currently being used across the UK by schools to help their learners speak out.

Tootoot is the first safeguarding platform and app used in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities, which allows students to safely report any worries and incidents of bullying, cyber bullying, racism, extremism, radicalisation, sexism, mental health and homophobic issues directly to their place of learning. Tootoot is rolling out nationwide and is already helping thousands of students report bullying incidents.  Summerhill are pleased to announce that we are using tootoot on a trial basis.

Sometimes children are too scared or simply aren't confident enough to speak to someone face-to-face about their concerns, for fear of being identified and making matters worse. With tootoot, students are able to safely and anonymously tell their place of learning about their concerns and worries, as a first step to resolving them.

As technology has evolved so does the need for schools to be able to adopt technology that allows their learners to be able to report these incidents. Children can access tootoot around the clock and can report on their laptops, computers, mobiles and tablets directly using the web browser. Children with smartphones or tablets can even download the app to use anywhere. Tootoot will work on older browsers as far back as Internet Explorer 7.

Children now have a safe place to confidentially disclose their worries and concerns.  Tootoot provides children with a platform to communicate anonymously 1-to-1, directly with a member of staff at Summerhill.

Children from Years 3-6 have been introduced to tootoot and have their own personal password to login and report anything that is worrying them.  Obviously children can still speak to any member of staff with their concerns and worries.  For more information visit www.tootoot.co.uk 

Listed below are lots of invaluable links to help children stay safe online at home:-