This half term Year 2 will be introduced to new topics in football. This will include: controlling, dribbling, passing and shooting.

Firstly, we will introduce passing of the ball. We will split the class in to half and each teacher will split their groups in to pairs. Between themselves they will explore passing the ball along the floor to each other. If pairs are confident with the passing to each other we will then progress to using their weaker foot. 

While passing the ball to each other the group will need to know how to control the ball and the different ways. Controlling with either the inside or sole of the foot. However if the ball was in the air they can use other body parts such as: knee or chest.

Then if the pairs are really confident with passing to each other with their weaker foot, we will progress on to controlling the ball with the weaker foot and then passing with the stronger foot.

Next, we will introduce dribbling the ball in our pairs. One pupil in the pair has the ball and will dribble the ball (trying to keep the ball close to their feet) over to the other player. When close to their partner, they will pass the ball to them and tell them to ‘hold’ the ball, while running round them and then telling them to ‘pass’ when on the side of them, so they pass the ball in front of them, to run on to and back to their place. Then the partners will switch and the other pupil will dribble and the other will hold the ball.

When the group are familiar with dribbling the ball, we will then introduce how to outwit your opponent with different skills such as: figure of 8’s, stud taps and toe taps. Two cones will be placed either side of one pupil and the other will have a ball. The pupil with the ball will have to use the different types of skills to outwit the player and get to one of the cones before the person in the middle of the cones gets to that cone first.

Finally, we will introduce shooting. Each half of the groups will split up into 2 lines and the teacher will pass the ball in front of each line, while the pupil at the front controls the ball and tries to shoot and score a goal. First there won’t be a keeper saving the shots, then to progress the topic, we will add a keeper.

To conclude our lessons on football we will have a class tournament.