This half term Year 1 will be introduced to football. We will be developing different types of skills such as: controlling, passing and shooting.

Firstly, we will start by getting familiar with the ball. We can start by introducing skills such as: stud taps, toe taps, knee bounces and figure of 8’s. This helps us be in control when having the ball at your feet. Then we will introduce a game called ‘Truck and Trailer’. This is where partners have a ball each and what ever the front pupil (Truck) does with the ball the trailer has to follow.

Next, we will introduce skills such as turning on the ball. Turns such as: Cruyff, back heel, outside and sole of the foot turns will be practiced.

The next topic will be passing the ball. Pupils will need to know what side of the foot you pass with. We will split in to two groups and each teacher will put there group in to pairs and pass between themselves. First we start off with normal inside of the foot passing. Then the pupils will explore new ways of passing the ball, such as: outside foot and laces of the boot. Then let them have a go with their other foot.

While we are passing the ball to each other, we need to learn how to control the ball, so we will introduce the different types of control: side foot and sole of the foot.

Finally, to finish our topic on football we will introduce shooting. As the class are split in to two groups already we will keep these groups for the shooting session. We will have 2 lines in the group and the teacher will be passing the ball in front of each pupil in the lines and they will try to score a goal. As there is no goal keeper to start of with, this is all about getting used to hitting the ball correctly and getting it on target.

To progress this we will then add a keeper to make it so the pupils have to think were to hit the ball.

To conclude our lessons on football we will finish with matches. Making sure everyone gets a good go and enjoys the fun games.