1st Primary School  of Paiania



The 1st Primary school of Paiania is located at a suburb of Athens.

We have 330 students from 6 to 12 years old and about 30 teachers. There are 25 students with special needs in our school.

All our students will be involved in the activities needed for the realization of the projects. As we have learned to be engaged and organised towards the final goal we feel that all the stuff and students will be divided in smaller groups and will implement the given tasks of the project.

In this particular project, at least 10 teachers will be in charge and responsible for the whole program and the distribution of the tasks and roles within our school.

We have  the knowledge and the experience of having participated in a Comenius program, an Erasmus+ project and two e-twining projects.We have also being in charge of the website for the previous projects and having the support and engagement of the local community and students’ parents.The project will give our school, as well as the community a great chance to variously take advantage of the project, open up in new experiences and be involved in challenging educational endeavours.