Head Boy and Head Girl 2019-2020

Summerhill Primary School Head Boy/Head Girl Job Description

Main Purposes of the Job

To support the Headteacher and Senior Leadership team in promoting and representing the school.

Main responsibilities and tasks

  1. Represent the school at certain events.
  2. Make speeches promoting the school.
  3. Show visitors around.
  4. Liaise with the school council.
  5. Be available before and after school when required.
  6. Take an active role in assemblies.
  7. Be visible in school – all pupils should know you. And be inspired and motivated by you.
  8. Always promote the school at every opportunity.
  9. Support school teams (cultural and sporting) with your attendance, assistance or participation.
  10. Liaise with staff to run/organise school events.
  11. Supervision at lunch or break when asked to do specific tasks with pupils.
  12. Develop the role and status of the position for future Year 6 classes and talk them to about your work in the summer term.

An agreement to the role:

I will have confidence in myself, publically valuing my education and striving to be the best I can be.

I will make my teacher aware of any problems or issues that I may have with the role as soon as they arise.

I will put in a good effort into all classwork, complete my homework properly and on time, bring all necessary equipment to school each day.

I will show courtesy and respect to all other members of Summerhill Primary at all times and be polite and kind to everyone in school. I will treat others as I would like to be treated – with consideration, fairness and care.

I will strive for 100% attendance and be punctual to school every day.

I will always wear the correct uniform and P.E. kit and be smart and tidy.

I will follow the school rules and behaviour policy and behave in a manner I am expected to, accepting appropriate sanctions and rewards.

I will use very opportunity to develop my talents and abilities in class and in extra-curricular activities.

I will tell an adult if there is any trouble in school and not get involved in name calling, arguments or fighting.

I understand that failure to adhere to these expectations will result in losing my status for a fixed period of time or permanently.

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