ISA Correspondence

This is the letter we received following our submission for the Intermediate stage of the International Schools Award. We are very proud of it!

British Council International School Award

Dear International Co-ordinator,

We are delighted to inform you that Summerhill Primary School has successfully met the criteria for the Intermediate level of the British Council International School Award. Congratulations!

Here are the assessor’s comments on your application. Please read them carefully and take any constructive feedback into account as you progress along your International School Award journey:

" This is a strong application from Summerhill Primary School, which meets the criteria for the Intermediate level. Indeed it almost meets the criteria for full Accreditation for which you plan to apply in 2018-2019! The general information statements at the beginning set out the historical context and the current breadth and ambition in useful and impressive detail. There has been an Erasmus+ KA1 Spanish language course and now a KA2 project with multiple partners. Rights Respecting School and other perspectives are embedded. In well chosen words on the Global Community section of the website ‘Spanish Springs at Summerhill’ but also a great deal more shown in diverse activities, most magnificently for a relatively small but incredibly dynamic school. The assessor was almost overwhelmed. Well done! As you intend, the obvious next step for Summerhill is full Accreditation which should include the submission of an Action Plan in the mid-autumn. This will allow your early proposals to be scrutinised by аn experienced assessor. Full details are available on SchoolsOnline, but briefly three collaborative activities, one focused on Modern Foreign Languages and three others are required, all within 2018-2019. There are many useful ideas for class-to-class activities on although your Erasmus+ project might already provide more than enough stimulation. In light of the excellence of the Intermediate application the rest of this feedback will pick out a few smaller aspects which make a difference. At this next level we would advise a lengthier description of each of the partners including the dates in which the various schools were linked and the towns they are in. Under your ‘Global community’ tab, possibly renamed ‘international’, there is room for expansion. You could include details of this award, a school international policy and more on the partnerships you have developed, especially Erasmus+. Activities in a 2018-2019 application away from Erasmus+ might include the commemoration of the end of the Great War in November 1918 and a focus on one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals. You could usefully make a sharper distinction between ‘Aims’ and ‘Outcomes’ in each Activities box so that both elements are easier for assessors to identify. Using SchoolsOnLine templates to gather comments from your pupils, staff and parents from the start of new school year will be really useful later on when you are drawing various threads together to write the Impact Evaluation statements. Overall this was a joy to read and assess. "