Kick-Off Planning Meeting in Romania November 2017




Romania - Constanta November 6th - 10th 2017


UK:                  Kath Coyle, Laura Nelson, Richard Palmer – Summerhill Primary School, Merseyside

Romania:         Nicoleta Savu and many others – Perlutele Marii, Constanta

Poland:            Izabela Monieta, Grazyna Hodun – Szkola Podstawowa Nr12 im. Zygmunta Glogera, Bialystok

Greece:           Maria Chasouraki, Thalia Chalakateva – 1st Primary School of Paiania

Italy:                Roberta Manzoni, Maria Grazia Caserta – Instituto Comprensivo Di Zogno

Spain:                         Ismael Reig Soto, Enrique Canos Correcher – CEIP Ciutat do Cremona, Alaquas

 DAY 1 – Putting Everything in Place

  1. Nicoleta from Romania (host country) formally welcomed everyone, and expressed the overall feelings of all the participants in their enthusiasm and interest and what a privilege it is to be part of this project.            (Thank you to Nicoleta for such a lovely welcome, such smooth organisation and fantastic resources to be used during the visit - What a great start!). 
  1. The group participated in team building activity called “Spiders Web” where everyone talked a little about themselves and their excitement about the project and making new long lasting friends.
  1. Each country then presented their countries, cities and schools through powerpoint, film and other media to the group, formally welcoming and awaiting the arrival of their new friends.
  1. Nicoleta presented the activity “My special friend” to the group. Everyone chose a random ‘Secret Friend’ in a box. Everyone had to secretly make special contact with that person and prepare a small gift to give to their friend in the box at the end of the international meeting.
  1. The choice of the logo involved everyone having two votes for the many wonderful suggestions of logo that they had brought with them and the three finalists being chosen. These three finalists will now be voted for by each country’s school council or body by democratic process; each country having one final vote. The logo with the most votes will be chosen. In the event of a tie Kath (lead co-ordinator) will have the final vote. Everyone should return their choice of  Logo to Kath by 17th November 2017.
  1. The dates for the Polish visit were discussed and the new date of 7-11 May 2018 was agreed. UK will need to get permission to change from a pupil visit to an adult visit as this week is the week preceding important national tests.
  1. Kath talked through the schedule, the aims and objectives and the importance of keeping to these and that the activities in the schools each day must be based around these. Each delegate received a copy of the Aims and Objectives. (A reminder that cultural activities are not covered by this Erasmus +.)
  1. Richard (England) talked through how Summerhill Primary School has worked towards their Level 1 Rights Respecting School and is now working towards its Level 2. He spoke of the activities and opportunities that the pupils are involved in; Steering groups, Rewards system, Newsround, Curriculum links, Whole school events, Links with universities, displays and assemblies.
  1. Discussion took place around the work in the schools and it was decided that each country would prepare a lesson of no more than 1 hour to teach during each visit about the module that is being fed back on e.g In Italy the lessons will be based on culture, religion, name, language. This will be in addition to the MRMR activities specified in the Application and Modules. The aim of this is to involve more classes – pupils and teachers - in the Project.

 10.    It was decided that during each visit the host country would be responsible for preparing a short film/video of the week’s activities in their school. This will be sent to Nicoleta (R) who will then compile a video of the whole project.

 11. The existing website that has been prepared by Nicoleta (R) has been agreed to be the official website for the project. Thank you to Nicoleta for an outstanding website and for all her hard work to date. The website will be used to hold all official documentation for the project, such as minutes, risk assessments, example certificates etc. It will carry examples of the work covered in each Module to give an overview of that module. Other important information will be shared on this site and schools should provide a link to the website on their school websites. Nicoleta will be responsible for the website content.

12. Italy will set up the E-twinning Project to enable everyone to upload all of their presentations, activities, etc. There can be links to more substantial amounts of video and larger presentations. This will be a safe place for pupils to share all their information and to talk to each other. Italy will be responsible for the E-Twinning site.

13. Certificate and attendance template that has been produced by Nicoleta can be used by all hosting countries.

 14. Each country to be responsible for making their country’s T-shirts for staff and pupils to wear on international visits. The T-shirts will show: Logo, Erasmus + sign, Country flag:

England - Green

Italy - White

Greece -Blue

Spain - Yellow

Romania - Pink

Poland - Grey

15. Kath led on the 2 baseline surveys - staff and pupils. Please could this be conducted back at schools. Greece will be responsible for the Surveys. The Headteacher will put the forms on Google Form and send the link to the schools to participate in through the website. The summary can then be viewed by anyone who has access to the website.  The pupil survey should only be completed by participating pupils, at the start and end of their involvement. The staff survey should be completed now by those involved, and again in September 2018, and finally in July 2019 at the end of the project.

 16. Kath discussed the Rights Respecting School Impact Evaluation form (example provided) and the difficulties you may have measuring impact in such large schools. The school headteacher with the MRMR Coordinator will complete this form at the very end of the project. This will again be facilitated by Greece.

 17. Laura (England) talked through some of the suggestions for the ‘All about Me” Module. Please feel free to choose some, all or different activities and then upload your successes onto the E- twinning MRMR page. Rich (England) talked through the Rights Respecting Charter and the Rights Auction ideas.

 Following this there should be a short (10 minute maximum) presentation from each school about how they have completed the module. If pupils are travelling this should be done with pupils speaking about their project to practice their English and their speaking aloud to an audience. Schools should provide a transcript for each delegate of what their pupils are saying to ensure that everyone can understand.

 18. Italy will soon be giving us information about our forthcoming visit so that schools can begin to plan travel. Each country, when hosting, should prepare ice breakers, team building, module related activities and give time for lessons provided by teachers from other countries and time for computer work.

 DAY2 – Finance, Monitoring, Evaluation and Dissemination

 19. The financial report is for each individual country, but may I remind you to do your report in time and with proper financial reporting ensuring that all the money is spent purely on the project and the objectives within it.

 The mobility tool can be used as you go along (some countries already have access, others not yet) but please keep all tickets, receipts etc in case of auditing. There is a question as to whether there is an interim form – Romania has one, but other schools not. You must spend the allocated amount for each mobility and the planning meetings. Everything has to be explained fully in writing and always related to the project and the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

 19. The country leading each module will be responsible for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the work carried out in their module. A template (8) has been provide for this but schools are encouraged to come up with innovative ways of collecting this information. The Module Lead Co-ordinators must provide Kath with a copy of their M+E information at the end of their module.

For Module 1,led by UK, Kath with ask everyone to complete a form about this module and return it to her either in Italy or immediately afterwards. There may be an Evaluation Activity in Italy for Module 1!

 20. Dissemination Plan (9) - everyone has already noted many ideas for dissemination on the original application. We should take every opportunity to do this on Twitter, Facebook, MRMR website, and e twinning. Kath to set up a Facebook page for this project. She will send details. All of Nicoleta’s children that we saw yesterday are all allowed on-line. Please put all your activities from the Module 1 ‘All about me’ on any available social media site.

Kath will send the dissemination plan electronically to all countries, please complete and send back to Nicoleta for the MRMR website.

 21. Impact+ tool (13) is a very useful tool for explaining the aims etc of the project and the changes and impact that you would like to see during and following the project. There is a guide to help you get the most use out of the tool.

The summary table is used to evidence the impact, indicators and data sources over the project timescale. England have used this already. Other countries my use it if they wish.

 22. In England we have to complete Risk Assessments (RA) all the time! We discussed example RAs for this MRMR project. The English children presently will not stay with host families but in a hotel with the teachers. All children should have written agreements that permission has been given to take the children to the doctors. The English school will do their best to secure host families as all the schools would want their children to improve their English whilst staying in England. The Polish and Italian school will require the names and any specific details of what the children would like from their host family as soon as possible as they would like to begin organising this.

Kath discussed the Risk Assessment for the project (11). Everyone provide Kath with the e-mail address of a deputy coordinator. Iza (Poland) has kindly agreed to be the deputy coordinator for the entire project.

We discussed Risks involved and how to mitigate them. It is possible to purchase tickets that will allow a name change for a small charge. It is also possibly safer to book tickets with travel agency as there may be insurance for cancellation etc. Please ensure all pupils have phones so that they can ring their teachers at all times. Please be clear about what is required and have all documentation to the appropriate place by the due date to ensure the project’s success.

 23. The date for the English trip is now the 10th June 2019 and the 25th - 26th June 2019 for the last management meeting in Poland. The Spanish trip has now been changed to the 11th March 2019 to accommodate the Fallas festivities.

 Italy 19th - 23rd February 2018

 Poland 7th - 11th May 2018

 Greece 5th - 9th November 2018

 Spain 11th - 15th March 2019

 England 10th - 14th June 2019

Final Meeting in Poland 25th - 26th June

 24. Please look carefully at the arrival flight times of all countries when planning the start of the week’s activities and think carefully about the host families needing to get to work.

 25. All schools will sign a Contract detailing responsibilities. This will be done in Italy. We will make the contract visible on the website.

 26. Please ensure any change of headteacher is detailed to the National Agency. Please ensure there is always an English speaking member of staff to all mobilities. Please look after the Risk Assessments for staff and pupils in your own country and for travelling.

 27. Just a reminder -  

                                    Italy are responsible for setting up e twinning (more for pupil activity, photos, videos)

                                    England for the Facebook page

                                    Romania for the website - (more for administration and description)

                                    Greece for the Surveys and European Radio when in Greece

28. In Greece we will use the European Radio facilities.

 29. For dissemination resources e.g the flier, brochure, leaflet, newsletter etc : we can directly print

from the website or ask Nicoleta to e mail them electronically to us so that we can change them accordingly for each module.

 30. There will be a Skype meeting on the 2nd Wed of the month at 4pm British time for all co-ordinators. This will be a good opportunity to stay in touch and keep everyone on track.

 Schools can also organise any pupil video conferencing with other schools at times that are convenient to themselves through the e-twinning site as it is a safe space.

 31. Please ensure each country make an attendance sheet and an assessment sheet ready for the end of each mobility which must be filled in before leaving.

 The meeting closed with participants completing their assessment sheet, jar of feelings notes and questions for the box. The response was very positive and encouraging and gave all the participants indicated the likelihood that the project was going to be a great success.

 Thank you for your all your participation and professional dialogue for this very productive initial meeting.

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