Szkola Podstawowa Nr 12 im. Zygmunta Glogera
ul. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 1A
The Primary School no12 in Bialystok (Poland) is one of the biggest and most modern schools in our city. It is the primary school with about 1200 students and 100 teachers in a new building. Pupils aged 6-12 can attend our school. (students from 6-8 are -grades 1-3 and 9-11/12 - grades 4-6). The school is equipped with the several interactive and whiteboards, projectors, different itools, language laboratories. . Most of our teachers are able to use the available school ICT equipment everyday. Many teachers still deepen their knowledge of using the ICT tools during the lessons. They use many innovative methods, exchange their experience with other teachers in terms of increasing competences and using ICT tools. The teachers still search for the best solutions and methods of work. Our teachers are focused on meeting many challenges, improving their skills and competences, techniques and new methods of teaching .We run lots of school reality observations and trainings for other teachers. Our teachers are all well-qualified. All of them teach or have experience in teaching to learners of different levels. Our institutions aims at improving students' maths competences There are about 30 integrated skills teachers, , 2 pedagogues, the speech therapist, many teachers of the second level of education (9-12 year old students). The teachers of our school seek the possibilities of getting new professional experience, learning new methods and forms of teaching children of all levels and some good ways to cope with their parents. Our teachers and management staff truly believe that its experience (paricipating in Erasmus plus projects) will enable us to learn a lot and will bring tangible benefits to our institution and will shape long life learning attitudes among students and teachers. We constantly try to reach the high standards of teaching and meet the challenges of work with students of different age.