We are now back from the summer holidays and started the new term.

This term Year 4 will be introduced to rugby and getting to know how to throw, catch, pass and play rugby.

First we will start off by introducing a ‘Pop pass’. This is were have both our hands at the lower half of the rugby ball with are fingers underneath. Then to pass the ball we will quickly flick our fingers up and let go of the ball. While doing this our wrists will flick open. A good pop pass is where the ball pops slightly backwards, but hangs up in the air for your partner to run on too.

When we start to get used to the technique, we will then introduce an activity which includes groups of 3. Creating a triangle with our groups all facing forward.

The point of the triangle will be the first person to pop pass to the left. Once pop passed to the left the front pupil will move to the right point of the triangle; the left person moves forward to the top of the point of the triangle while catching the ball and the right point moves to the left. We move in a rotation.


As we get further in to the term we will learn about different passes and the rules of rugby. We will try out the likes of tag rugby and see how the pupils take to this activity as it’s a fun, team based game.