School Meals Menus

School Meals

As you are aware from recent communications we have been having some issues with the new school menus from Sefton Council. Since the changes we have had many pupils change back to packed lunches.

The governing body took time during their recent meeting to discuss the problems and the many issues raised by parents. They decided that currently it was in the best interest of the pupils if we reverted back to the previous menu before the big changes occurred. Although this does not allow the school to have the new standards icon from the government, it was felt that it was still very healthy, our children would be enjoying their lunches and most importantly they would be eating them.

We also listened to the varying concerns about pupils not getting their choice at the counter and have therefore decided to find a solution to this.

Our menu runs on a three week cycle, please support your child making their choices for the next three weeks and return the form the following day. This will allow the cook to purchase appropriately ensuring that at the counter every child will have their choice.

Mrs Higham in the school office will collate the information and inform the class teachers. As the children leave the classroom they will be given a coloured wristband for their choice.

Any child who has not handed back their choices will not be able to choose on that day but will be able to have what is left.

Please may I remind you that every day the following are available?

Fresh Bread

Mixed Salad

Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Fresh Fruit Juice, Semi Skimmed Milk or Water

If your child does not see these at the counter and would like them, I would ask you to encourage them to ask for them politely.

Please ensure you have made choices for each day and the child’s name and class is written clearly.

We are sending the menus to every child in hope that many of the families who have recently left school dinners would reconsider and encourage their children to try again. We are hoping with the coloured wrist bands children will always be very sure to get their choice. Any pupil can start school dinners on Monday through the return of their choices.

Thank you again for your support and patience whilst governors met to resolve this issue.    

Mrs Nelson