Sports Council

Summerhill Primary Sports Council Job Description


Main Purposes of the Job

To support the PE Champion, Miss O’Sullivan, and all teachers, in promoting and representing the school through sport.

Main responsibilities and tasks

  1.        Represent the school at certain sporting events.
  2.        Help organise our Sports Day.
  3.        Make suggestions for extra curricular clubs.
  4.        Show visitors around during sporting events.
  5.        Liaise with the school council about sporting events.
  6.        Be visible in school – all pupils should know us and be inspired and motivated by our passion for                        sport.
  7.        Promote our school sporting teams at every opportunity.
  8.        Participate and encourage others to participate in a variety of sporting events.
  9.        Think about how we can improve our PE Curriculum at Summerhill.
  10.        Attend Sports Council meetings during occasional dinner times.

An agreement to the role:

I will have confidence in myself, when representing the school.

I will make my teacher aware of any problems or issues that I may have with the role as soon as they arise.

I will put in a good effort into all sporting events I am a part of.

I will strive for 100% attendance and be punctual to school every day.

I will always wear the correct P.E. Kit to set a good example to others.

I will use every opportunity to develop my talents and abilities in class and in extra-curricular activities.

I will tell an adult if there is any trouble in school and not get involved in name calling, arguments or fighting.