Current Staff 

Mrs Y. Gleig - Headteacher.  

Mrs C. Padilla - Assistant Headteacher  and Year 6 Teacher
Mr I. Lunt - Assistant Headteacher and Year 5 Teacher.  
Mr P. Palmer - Year 4 Teacher.  
Mrs L. Rannard - SENDCO and Year 3 Teacher. 
Mrs J Chedgzoy - Year 2 Teacher.  
Mrs A. Kavanagh - Year 1 Teacher. 
Mrs H. Livesley - Early Years Teacher - Reception. 
Mrs D. Higham - Administrative Assistant.  
Mrs C. Roscoe - Cover Supervisor/Learning Partner/Interventions.  
Ms A. Deary - Learning Partner/1:1 support
Mrs M. Hay - Learning Partner Reception.  
Ms C. Newsham - Learning Partner Year 2/1:1 Support. 
Mrs H. Walker - Learning Partner Year 6. Breakfast and After School Clubs.
Miss G. Bradshaw - Learning Partner Year 4.  
Mrs K. Burrows -  Learning Partner Year 1. 1:1 support  
Mrs C. Thomas - Learning Partner Year 5. 1:1 support  
Mrs J. Taylor -  Learning Partner Year 4. Breakfast, After School and Holiday Clubs.
Mrs L. Wood -  Learning Partner Year 5.  1:1 support
Ms S. Owens - 1:1 Learning Partner Year 1. 
Learning Partner Year 5
Mr E. Feria - Caretaker. 
Kitchen Staff - who prepare and serve the lunchtime meals at Summerhill.
Mrs J. Turner, Ms T. Shaw, Mrs M Boyd
and Ms A McNichol
Welfare Staff - who support and care for the children during lunch-time