Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 2019/20

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 
― Nelson Mandela


Year 6 Staff



This year we have plenty of things to look forward to this year: Glaramara in May, and trips to the Mersey Tunnels, Anglican Cathedral and a Real History Workshop to name a few. So, as you can see we already have plans for an exciting year. 

Below is some information about the coming year.

Reading  - We are lucky to have an excellent variety of books in our library and children are welcome to take these home. Please take some time to read with your child as this can be very rewarding. I will send home some reading booklets with examples of some questions you can use to help the children with their comprehension strategies. Please could you sign their Reading Record Books to show you heard them read.

Science Shirt - Can all children please bring an old, white, or any light colour, over-sized shirt into school this week. We will be using the shirts in a very innovative way this year linked with Assessment for Learning. Thank you!

Water Bottles - It is important that your child has some water to drink throughout the day.
Please ensure your child has their name on their water bottle in school. This should be brought home each night to be washed and returned containing fresh water each day.

Uniform - PLEASE ensure ALL uniform is clearly labelled with your child’s name. Children in Year 6 should be setting an example to the rest of the school especially their buddies so proper school uniform should be worn at all times.

P.E. - Please ensure that PE kits are kept in school at all times. The indoor kit consists of green shorts, white Summerhill t-shirt and black pumps. The outdoor kit should be a plain dark tracksuit and trainers. This first half term children will be participating in Swimming lessons and also Gymnastics 

Homework – Homework will be sent home on a Monday - three pieces to be handed back in the following Monday. The children will also get spellings each Wednesday ready for a test the following week.  

Times Tables  - It is imperative that the children in Year 6 know all of their times tables up to 12. I cannot stress how important the tables are in every area of maths and they need to be able to recall this information with accuracy and speed . They need to practise these so they can recite them quickly in any order and also know their division facts. 

Medication - We can only administer medication that has been prescribed for your child. This will only be done once you have completed the required forms from the school office. If your child is asthmatic, we need to have a reliever inhaler at school.  We are not permitted to give children over the counter medicines eg. Calpol. All medication must be delivered directly to the school office for administration.

Attendance and Punctuality - Please ensure your child attends school and please only keep them off if absolutely necessary.   Also, the children must be on the playground ready for the school bell at 8.55am. The doors will be open from 8:45 enabling the children to be settled in class, ready for the school day to start.  

Website and Permission forms - Our website is updated regularly with news of what the children have been doing and the topics and Creative Learning.  Photos are put on regularly.  If you have any changes to the permission that you may/may not have given for photographs on the website or in newspapers, please let me know and we will amend our records.

Provisional dates for SATs  May 2020

  • DateActivity
    Monday 11 May 2020 English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1: questions
    English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2: spelling
    Tuesday 12 May 2020 English Reading
    Wednesday 13 May 2020 Mathematics Paper 1: arithmetic
    Mathematics Paper 2: reasoning
    Thursday 14 May 2020 Mathematics Paper 3: reasoning



 Please click on the links below to access these recommended websites to support your child's learning:

SCIENCE http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/scienceclips/ages/10_11/

MATHS http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks2/maths/

MATHS www.mymaths.co.uk 

MATHS https://www.knowtheromans.co.uk/Categories/SubCatagories/RomanNumerals/

ENGLISH http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks2/english/

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask. If we can't see you straight away, we will arrange a convenient time.

Many thanks,

Mrs Padilla and the Year 6 team.